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Meal Plans Now Available! 

A simple swipe can save you money and time!

UTEP Food Services offers meal plans for students, faculty and staff. The dining experience is an important part of campus life. Meal times provide opportunities for you to connect with friends, stay healthy, boost your energy, and unwind after a long day. Our meal plans are convenient, a great value and offer healthy options.

Meal plans are to be used at the Pick ‘N’ Shovel, an all-you-care-to-eat dining facility, that is located in the Union Building East and offers a variety of delicious offerings, including local favorites, international cuisine, fresh grilled burgers, custom deli items, and an extensive salad, dessert and beverage line up. Pick 'N' Shovel offers brunch and it is open Monday thru Friday from 10:00am-2:30pm.

Our plans ensure discounted pricing with every meal. When you do the math, you will see that the savings of a meal plan are tremendous.

Meals plans are referred to as block plans which provide a set number of meals for the entire semester at Pick ‘N’ shovel with no weekly restrictions on the number of meals used. These plans are available to students living off campus, or those living on campus and faculty and staff.

Miner plan dollars are built into one of the meal plans to expand your purchasing power across 16 Campus Dining locations.

Payment options are available to purchase a meal plan: Financial Aid, Student Loan, Installment Plan or Cash/Credit. Last day to make any changes/ cancellation to a meal plan is Census Day. To purchase a meal plan simply visit 


If you have a question about the meal plans offered, please call our main office on campus at (915) 747-5628. 


We've have designed different meal plan options that could suit best for the students needs. Meal plan blocks are to be used for brunch Monday thru Friday from 10:00am-2:30pm at The Pick 'N' Shovel, our all-you-care-to-eat dining facility. Miner plan dollars can be used at all food retail on campus, including but not limited to our national franchises such as Starbucks, Einstein's Bros. Bagels, Chick-Fil-A, Jamba Juice and Pizza Hut. The meal swipes and miner plan dollars do not rollover to the next semester. Meal plans are to be used only for the student that purchased the meal plan. The meal plans do not rollover to the next semester. Meal plans are to be used only for the student that purchased the meal plan.

Meal Plan options: 

Block of 30 meals plus $100 Miner Plan Dollars

Block of 45 meals plus $75 Miner Plan Dollars

Block of 60 meals plus $50 Miner Plan Dollars

Block of 75 meals plus $225 Miner Plan Dollars

Flex Dollars Options:  

Block of $125 dollars 



Faculty & Staff Block

Block of 25 Meals 

This meal plan is designed for Faculty and Staff which includes a block of 25 all-you-care-to-eat meal swipes that you could use through the semester at The Pick 'N' Shovel. The meal swipes do roll over to the next semester. Faculty and Staff meal plan can be used to swipe in friends, family or co-workers.