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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Miner Meals?

Miner Meals are funds deposited in your Miner Gold card for purchase of meals at any of the University's food venues. Miner Meals are purchased in blocks of $25 increments at Student Business Services, which is located on the first floor of the Mike Loya Academic Services Building.

What are the benefits of purchasing Miner Meals?

Dollars placed on the Miner Gold card are held in reserve exclusively for purchase of food at any of the on-campus food venues. Best of all, you receive an automatic 10% discount on all food purchases when you use your Miner Meals. This discount applies to all food products sold at the University's food venues.

Where can I use Miner Meals?

At all on-campus food venues. Please visit the "Campus Map" link under "Dining Choices" on the Sodexo website.

What are the hours of operation and menus?

Please visit the "Dining Choices" links on the Sodexo website.

Do Miner Meals carry forward from semester to semester?

Yes they do. You do not lose any portion at any time.

Can I get a cash advance on Miner Meals?

No. Miner Meals stay on your Miner Gold card until the funds are exhausted or until you request a refund.

Can I get a refund on any unused portion of my Miner Meals?

Yes. Refunds are issued upon request at the Miner Gold card office, located on the first floor of the Mike Loya Academic Services Building.

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